Exciting things are happening at East Otago High School with the creation of its own radio station in conjunction with Happy Days Radio 88.3 FM.


In late 2020 Lawrence McCraw founder of Happy Days Radio approached 

Marcus Cooper principal of East Otago High School with an offer of bequeathing his radio station to East Otago High School in his will. with Marcus showing a keen interest in the proposal has led to the creating of a purpose fitted room to locate the studio. On Friday 9  April 2021 the existing Happy Days Radio studio equipment at Lawrence's house was shifted to the school in preparation for the installation of the new studio.

For some time now Lawrence has been wrestling with the issue of what would happen to the radio station after his passing knowing if nothing was put in place Happy Days Radio would be lost forever and would simply disappear from the face of the earth and what had become the best radio programme in Palmerston would be lost and a large audience would lose something very special, a situation that was unthinkable after all The hard work that had been put in and the dedication that had been shown by Pamela Wadsworth and others.

Lawrence is of the opinion that the future of any community starts first and foremost at school and as such Happy Days Radio would become a great vehicle to showcase what East Otago High School does now and will do in the future. There are many facets of radio and what it can do, and these would touch nearly every aspect of most subjects taught at the school. There is virtually no one who would not be influenced in some way by Happy Days Radio being on campus.

These days Happy Days Radio has really come of age with the introduction of what is basically a high tech digital system controlled from a centralised hub. There are three remote studios including a main studio and transmitter located at Lawrence's house. Each studio logs on at the start of their broadcast and then logs off the system at the completion. The East Otago High School studio does the same and there is more broadcasting time allocated to it.
On Lawrence's passing (which hopefully won't be any time soon) East Otago High School will receive all the radio equipment which is vast and they will take over the control of the radio station as they see fit.